Question Everything Holdings Inc. is invested in a number of legacy investment opportunities and operating companies that all focus on leaving the earth and its people in a better state than it was received. Simply, we invest in businesses that our grandchildren will be proud of.

Good Ventures

Good Ventures

Make a referral and support your charity of choice!

Leveraging our purchasing power with insurance and mortgage companies to positively impact the lives of others.

Skin of the Salmon Community Contrubution Company Ltd.

Skin of the Salmon

Specializing in the manufacturing of fish skins into fine leather.

The use of fish skin is an ancient tradition in societies all over the world.

Oil Spill Response Team

Oil Spill Response Team

The biggest single cause of oil pollution is from run off in parking lots and driveways.

Join the Oil Spiil Response Team and help contain and clean before that oil reaches our ocean.

Internet By Design

Internet By Design

We make the Internet easy.

We have created a simple, one-stop portal for all your website needs — from setting up a site, designing a look and brand on a system that works for you. Then we set you up with all the social medial tools and security measures you need to claim your place in the digital world. Ventures Inc.

Total Library Project

If everything is connected, why not show how it is?

What if we could show you the future on your computer screen? How about any future. For that matter all futures that could be detailed by 300 dpi at ten inches by ten inches. The Total Library Project is a daring endeavour to create every image still image possible with today’s technology and tomorrow’s ideas.